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Steps to get your TV repaired


If your TV quits working, don't panic. Simply call Jer and schedule a time for him to come out and see what's wrong.


Once Jer opens the TV and determines the exact problem, he can then let you know the repair options.


Parts range from $5 dollars for something very basic up to a few hundred for newer, larger TVs depending on the problem. Parts are not always needed, but the estimate will help you decide.


Having the TV repaired is always your choice. There's no obligation and with the parts estimate, you will be able to make an informed decision based on facts.


No Power

Did your TV lose power? Make sure your outlet powers other devices, check your surge protector and finally try unplugging the TV from the power for 15 minutes. If problem persists, your TV needs serviced.

LED Light Just Blinks

TV won't power up and LED light on the front just blinking? Unplug from the power for 15 minutes. If still blinking, then your TV needs serviced.

No Audio

Did your TV lose audio and has no sound from the set? Try a different input. Check the menu to make sure the TV Speakers are set to "ON" under the audio settings. Make sure your signal box is sending audio to your TV by trying it on another TV. Unplug everything from the power for 15 minutes. Call if the problem continues.

TV Cycles On And Off

Is your TV having trouble turning on or staying on and just clicks on and off? If this is happening, your TV needs serviced.

No Picture

TV act like it's on, perhaps with sound, but the picture is out? Unplug the TV and signal box for 15 minutes, check the inputs and cables, if no luck, your TV needs serviced.

Is Your Screen Cracked?

If you have staggered lines in your sacreen and if it looks like something hit your screen, then it's likely cracked and can NOT be repaired. This is the only repair that costs too much. It's more than just glass, it's a vital liquid circuit with hair-fine wires inside. A broken screen is a broken circuit.
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Meet Jer

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with electronics and would frustrate my parents as I tore apart everything electronic I ever owned. From my first old tape player converted to an RC car at age 8 that drove with the press of the FF button, to the TV scrambler I made at age 10 that distorted everyone's signal within 1 mile around us, to my first TV repair made at age 14 when I plugged our 27in CRT TV into an outlet that was wired improperly and had only a few hours to fix the TV before my sister told on me when Mom got home. Not to forget when my Dad got into electronics repair when I was age 12 and I studied alongside him and learned how to fix CB Radios for all the locals. Fixing things has always been my passion and helping others is the real satisfaction I get when I can keep people connected to the world by fixing their TV when it fails.


A few years ago Clark Howard from HLN Morning Express news show offered money saving advice on TV Repair. He suggested to have your TV repaired only if it's current technology and the repair cost is half the cost or less to buying a new one. Well, he's actually right about that in many ways and most repairs with Jer are indeed half the cost of a new TV or much less. Remember, after the troubleshooting visit, there's no obligation to have your TV repaired if it is outside of your budget. It's always your choice. No obligation.
Most repairs cost between $75 and $175 depending on the age of the TV and the exact problem. as long as there is no screen damage or panel issues, the most you can expect to pay is half of what it would cost you to go and buy a new equivalent TV.
Jer has a 97% success rate. This means that 3 out of 100 simply can't be fixed usually because the screen is the problem and screens just are not available in most cases but in every case, a screen will cost as much as a new TV if needed. This is why it is always your choice to have the TV repaired after the diagnosis. There's no obligation beyond that and having an honest and fair assessment of your TV is an important step in deciding if you should toss the TV or fix it. If Jer did not offer help, then it's also fair to say that every 100 TVs would go in the garbage when 97 could have been saved for a reasonable cost and much less than a new one.
There's no such thing as a "Free Estimate" and here's why. Although it sounds nice, this term itself is used as bait to get your business. Once a company or person has your TV and looked at it for "Free", they double or triple the cost for parts. Very sneaky and exactly why Jer does not practice this. Jer has a flat service rate and all part prices are publicly listed from the authorized supplier's websites for your brand of TV. No hidden fees with Jer. He keeps it simple and honest.
Sorry, but for years, Jer has had to explain to many people daily that a cracked screen simply cannot be repaired. It's more than "just glass" and the "crack on the inside" very likely broke through the hair-fine wires and chemicals that make the screen work. Breaking a screen is in fact breaking a working electrical circuit. Replacement screens simply don't exist in most cases and in the rare cases they do, they are super expensive, then you must pay high shipping and labor. In the end, a screen replacement for a TV will cost the same as you paid for the TV brand new. Anything else is wowell worth fixing, just not a broken screen.
Like any other appliance repair, Jer comes to you to fix your TV. He is located all over West Michigan during the day with a home office located in Grand Haven. Jer services Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland and all surrounding areas for your convenience. Big box stores will have to ultimately charge more for the same repair to keep their shop open and employees paid, but Jer has always offered mobile in-home repairs since he started. You wouldn't haul a refrigerator or furnace into a shop, so neither should you have to with your TV. Moving it around will also risk damaging the screen which would be a permanent issue at that point. Leave your TV right where it's at. Let Jer do the rest.
No. In fact it would cost more with a shop and employees. When I was 12, many TV repair companies and shops existed. over 25 years later, they are almost as extinct as a T-Rex fighting against global warming. Gone are the days when all TVs cost $2000 and the repairs were always $1000. It costs a lot of money to run a repair shop and that cost will come out of your pocket when you drop a TV off somewhere. Jer's shop is in his vehicle.
Just like you shouldn't diagnose your own health conditions, it's also not a good idea to trust mixed information from Google, your cousin, your friend's ex or any other non-expert. Although most people mean well and want to be the person who was right, being wrong and going in the wrong direction for repair can often cost more in the long run. Oh and the capacitor issue, by the way, that's for select models all manufactured in 2008 or earlier. Most TV problems can't be seen with the human eye and have to be detected with high tech instruments, skill, knowledge and expertise. Installing a capacitor backwards into a TV that may have never needed a new one can easily go from a $5 dollar repair to a $500 replacement TV if done improperly or unnecessarily. A wise man once said, "do what you do best and hire out the rest."

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Do you want to recycle your TV instead?
We can also recycle certain TVs if you decide to dispose it instead of repairing it. Cracked screens are a common reason to recycle. Most other issues can be repaired reasonably.

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