Let’s be honest, we all love cable TV we just don’t want to pay for it anymore. Well at least pay as much as we do. With Netflix gaining subscribers as fast as Cable companies are now losing them, is there any way to still get our favorite cable networks live TV and local stations? In short, the answer is yes. A lot of this depends on where you live and if you have existing high speed Internet access.

Cable TV: $125 per month for cable TV, no Internet = $1,500 per year. You pay the cable company $15,000 every 10 years. Non-tangible, meaning you never own anything you pay for.

HD Antenna: No monthly fee! One-time setup and equipment fee of around $195 to $595 for a standard install depending on your configuration. Tangible, meaning the equipment is yours forever.

Streaming services like Netflix offers some cable network content, but no local TV, no news, and no live TV. While Digital Antenna does not offer cable networks, but does offer news, live and local TV.
If saving money and live local TV channels is what’s more important to you then the good news is that Digital Antenna is a great alternative and best of all, no monthly fee. Depending on your location, you may only need a good indoor antenna or if farther away from the Grand Rapids area, then you might need a good outdoor antenna.

An outdoor aerial antenna typically lasts 20 – 30 years before needing maintenance when installed properly. Your location determines the size needed. Some areas can get up to 47 stations with the right configuration.

Jer installs antennas and helps you first of all determine if it’s a good option and which one you may require for your needs. Flat Package Rates for service plus equipment and an unmatched guarantee of 1 year on service and parts. Once the antenna is installed and working, you’ll never pay again and may not need maintenance for over 20 to 30 years! Some people get almost 47 digital air stations while others may only get around 7, but the stations are local and best of all, FREE!

Each location is different so contact Jer today if you are interested in receiving a free evaluation and estimate for an antenna install.

Package 1

Good for metro area like Grand Rapids. Not good for the Lakeshore areas. Side of house or roof mounted. Includes parts, install, calibration and optimized for 3 rooms.

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Package 2

Good for metro and suburban areas, but not the Lakeshore areas. Side of house or roof mounted. Includes parts, install, calibration and optimized for 3 rooms.

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Package 3

Good for metro, suburban and some rural and Lakeshore areas. Tripod roof mounted. Includes parts, install, calibration and optimized for 3 rooms.

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Package 4

Good for suburban and rural areas especially along the Lakeshore. Tripod roof mounted. Includes parts, install, fully optimized and optimized for 3 rooms.

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No Guessing!

Accurate antenna setup, optimization, or troubleshooting of existing configurations.

Jer has the right set of tools, experience and education to not only install a proper antenna configuration, but you can know that your system will also be fully calibrated and optimized to its fullest potential. No need to get on your roof afterwards and yell back down to the wife, “How’s that?”. Your antenna will be installed in a single static position and there won’t be a need to move it again. That can only be done with Jer. Don’t let others guess or you could be missing out!



47 Potential HD Broadcast Stations in West MI

3.2, WWMT-CW, CW7
3.3, Comet, Comet TV
5.1, WGVU, PBS
5.2, WGVU, PBS Create
5.3, WGVU, Mhz Worldview
5.4, WGVU, PBS Encore
8.1, WOOD-TV8, NBC
8.2, BOUNCE, Bounce TV
13.1, WZZM 13, ABC
13.2, WX, Weather
13.3, JUSTICE, Justice Network
14.1, WXSP-CD, WXSP the X
14.2, COZI TV
14.3, ESCAPE
15.1, WXSP-CD, WXSP the X
15.2, COZI TV
15.3, ESCAPE
17.1, FOX17, FOX
17.3, THIS TV
29.1, WUHQ-LD, Daystar
35.1, WGVU, PBS
35.2, WGVU, Create
35.3, WGVU, PBS Encore
35.4, WGVU, Mhz Worldview
35.5, WGVU, Guide
35.6, WGVU, PBS Kids 24/7
38.1, WMKG-CD, Launch TV
38.2, WMKG-CD, Lifehacks DRTV
41.1, WOTV, ABC
41.2, Radar, Get TV
41.3, GRIT TV
41.4, Radar, Weather
43.1, ION
43.2, QUBO
43.3, ION Life
43.4, SHOP, Infomercials
43.5, QVC, Quality Value Convenience
43.6, HSN, Home Shopping Network
54.1, WTLJ-SD, TCT
54.3, WTLJSD2 , TCT
64.1, WLLA-D1, Religious
64.2, WLLA-D1, METV
64.3, WLLA-D1, Retro TV