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Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with electronics and would frustrate my parents as I tore apart everything electronic I ever owned. From my first old tape player converted to an RC car at age 8 that drove with the press of the FF button, to the TV scrambler I made at age 10 that distorted everyone's signal within 1 mile around us, to my first TV repair made at age 14 when I plugged our 27in CRT TV into an outlet that was wired improperly and had only a few hours to fix the TV before my sister told on me when Mom got home. Not to forget when my Dad got into electronics repair when I was age 12 and I studied alongside him and learned how to fix CB Radios for all the locals. Fixing things has always been my passion and helping others is the real satisfaction I get when I can keep people connected to the world by fixing their TV when it fails.

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